Terms and Conditions of Use

Chapter 1. General

Article. 1 Purpose

The purpose of this T&C is to prescribe the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters between the company and its members in using Huvle App(hereinafter referred to as service), a mobile app service provided by Huvle(hereinafter referred to as the company), and Internet-related service online.

Article 2. Definition of Terms

The terms used in this T&C shall be defined as follows:

  1. ① "Company" means "Huvle Co., Ltd." and its related companies that provide "services" through wired and wireless networks.
  2. ② “Member” means all customers who have accessed the service and agreed to this T&C.
  3. ③ “User” means a person who uses the service without being a member or a member.
  4. ④ “Unique Number (ID)” means a combination of letters and numbers determined by the member and approved by the company for the identification of the member and the use of the service.
  5. ⑤ “Member Information” means the information collected by the company to provide the use of service (Unique Number ID)
  6. ⑥ “Stop Service” means that the company suspends to provide the service for a certain period in accordance with the requirements set by the company during normal use.

Article 3. Effect and Modification of T&C

  1. ① This T&C shall be effective for all members who wish to use the service.
  2. ② The contents of this T&C shall be posted on the service screen or disclosed to the members by other means, and shall be effective immediately upon the member's signing up for the service.
  3. ③ If the company amends the terms and conditions, it shall notify the date of application and the reason for revision, along with the current terms and conditions, for a considerable period after the date of application, 10 days before the date of application of the amended terms and conditions in accordance with the means under paragraph. However, in the case of an amendment to the terms and conditions unfavorable to the members, the company shall notify it clearly by posting it on the service website, or by using electronic means such as the notice window for the members’ approval when they are logging in, the e-mail, the electronic message within 30 days before the date of application and within the considerable period after the date.
  4. ④ When the company notifies the members of the details of the previous paragraph, the company shall consider that the member has approved the terms and conditions of use if the member does not express his/her refusal seven days after the date of entry into force of the revised terms and conditions. If the member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may terminate the service contract.

Article 4. Additional Terms

Matters not specified in this T&C shall be governed by the relevant statutes, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry, and detailed guidelines for the use of services prescribed by the association.

Chapter 2. Service Agreement

Article 5. Constitution of Service Agreement

  1. ① To use this service(To verify app-integrated data) is considered to agree with this T&C.

Article 6. Application for Use

Application for Use will be collected when signing up and using the service. The required information collected when signing up and using the service is as follows:

  1. 1. Agent Key (Key value to integrate App with Huvle)
  2. 2. ID (Unique Number)
  3. 3. Password
  4. 4. Administrator’s name
  5. 5. Administrator’s email Address
  6. 6. Administrator’s phone Number
  7. 7. Administrator’s mobile phone Number
  8. 8. Company name
  9. 9. Name of representative
  10. 10. Business license number/ type / category
  11. 11. Addres
  12. Below items can be uploaded through member information modification after logging in.
  13. [Additional items required for the withdrawal]
  14. 12. Business license certificate
  15. 13. Copy of bankbook

Article 7. Approval of Application for Use

Upon collecting the matters prescribed in Article 6, the company accepts the application for service use or approves the application for service use after completing the approval for the app.

Article 8. Limitations of Approval of Applications for Use

① The company may not approve the application for each of the following items:

  1. 1. If it is impossible to provide technical service.
  2. 2. If the application for use is made for the purpose of hindering or hindering the well-being, order, or customs of society.
  3. 3. If you have lost membership due to reasons attributable to you.
  4. 4. Where it is judged inappropriate to accept other grounds falling under subparagraphs 1 through 3;

Article 9. Changes in Contracts

If the items described in the application for use are changed, Member should modify them in accordance with the form and method determined by the company in a separate way.

Chapter 3. Use of Service

Article 10. Launch the Use of Service

  1. ① The company launches the service when it approves the application of use by member. However, some services will start from the specified date.
  2. ② If the service cannot be launched due to business or technical failure of the company, it shall be disclosed on the website or notified to the members.
  3. ③ For the smooth operation of Huvle service and the distribution of advertising revenue with the app company, check the application periodically to see if Huvle service is active well.

Article 11. Service Hours

  1. ① The service is on a 24/7 basis in principle. However, it may be temporarily suspended due to business or technical issues of the company, or the purpose for operation during the period specified by the company. In such a case, the company shall notify it in advance or after.
  2. ② The company may separately determine the available time according to the functions of the service, and in this case, the details thereof shall be notified.

Article 12. Changes and suspensions of services

  1. ① The company may notify the members of the contents and the date of provision of the service to be changed by the means specified in Article 20 paragraph ② and provide them by changing the service. In addition, if it is difficult to provide the service because the member’s ID(Unique Number) is duplicated, the company may request the member to change the ID to one that is not duplicated with others within a considerable period specified by the company.
  2. ② The company may restrict or suspend the part of the service or the whole service for each of the following items:

    • 1. If the company has an Inevitable case due to construction such as repair of service facilities.
    • 2. If a member interferes with the company's business activities
    • 3. If there is a problem with normal service use due to power outages, failure of all facilities, or congestion of usage
    • 4. If the service cannot be maintained due to various circumstances of the company, such as termination of a contract with a service provider
    • 5. If there are force majeure reasons such as natural disasters or national emergencies
  3. ③ In the event of a suspension of the service, the company shall notify the members of it by the means specified in Article 20 paragraph ②. However, the company may not if the suspension of the service due to some reasons beyond the company’s control (Operator’s intention, faultless disk failure, system down, etc.)
  4. ④ The company shall not take any responsibility for any problems arising from the change or suspension of the service.

Article 13. Member’s responsibilities and obligations for e-mail

  1. ① The company does not edit or monitor the members' e-mail contents, and each member is responsible for the contents of the e-mail.
  2. ② The members shall not send obscene materials, disturbing contents, junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, etc. through the company's email, recommend pyramid organizations, or send mails that harm other people or damage the customs.
  3. ③ All responsibilities arising from the violation of paragraph ② of this Article shall rest with the Member, in which case the Company may provide the Member's ID (Unique Number) to the investigative agency.

Article 14. Provision of information and posting of advertisement

  1. ① It is entirely a matter between the member and the advertiser to communicate or make transactions by using the advertisements posted on the service or participating in the advertiser's promotional activities through the service. If a problem occurs between the member and the advertiser, the member and the advertiser shall solve it directly, and the company shall not take any responsibility in this regard.

Article 15. Deletion of postings or contents

  1. ① The company may delete all contents (including member-to-member delivery) of the service posted or delivered by the member without prior notice if it is deemed to fall under any of the following cases, and the company shall not assume any responsibility for such information.

    • 1. In the case of slander or slander against the company, other members or third parties;
    • 2. In the case of dissemination of information, sentences, shapes, etc. in violation of public order and customs;
    • 3. Where it is deemed to be related to a criminal act;
    • 4. In the case of infringing on other rights, such as copyright of the company, copyright of a third party, etc.;
    • 5. If this is not related to the service provided by the company
    • 6. In the event of publishing unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements or promotions;
    • 7. In the case of unauthorized theft of an ID, name, etc. of another person, or unauthorized forgery or alteration of information entered by another person;
    • 9. In the event that it violates the purpose of the publication, such as posting multiple duplicate copies of the same content;
    • 10. Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant statutes, company guidelines, etc.;
  2. ② The company may separately establish and implement detailed instructions for use related to the post, and the members shall register or delete each type of post (including transfer between members) in accordance with the instructions.

Article 16. Copyright of Posts

  1. ① Copyright of postings (including transfer between members) posted in the service is owned by the member and the company has the right to post them in the service.
  2. ② The company may not use the post for any other purpose without the consent of the posted member. However, the posting location of the original post can be changed without changing the contents of the original post due to the merger of the company, sales transfer, or integration between the sites operated by the company.
  3. ③ The company shall not be liable for civil or criminal charges even if the posts posted by the members in the service violate copyrights and program copyrights of others. If a member receives an objection, such as a claim for damages, from another person for violating copyrights, program copyrights, etc. of others, the member shall endeavor to exempt the company, and if the company is not exempted, the member shall bear all damages incurred by the company.
  4. ④ The company may delete the posts posted by the member in case the member is terminated or terminated due to legitimate reasons.
  5. ⑤ Copyright to the work created by the company belongs to the company.
  6. ⑥ A member shall not use data posted on the service for profit-making purposes, such as the act of processing or selling information obtained using the service, or use it to a third party, and copyright infringement on the post is subject to the relevant statutes.

Chapter 4. Obligation of Contracting Parties

Article 17. Obligations of the Company

  1. ① The company shall not divulge or distribute the members' personal information that it knows about the service to third parties without their consent. However, this shall not apply to legitimate procedures under the provisions of the Act, such as when requested by a related agency for investigation purposes under the relevant statutes or when requested by the Information Communication Ethics Committee.
  2. ② The association shall promptly deal with complaints from members related to the service, and if it is difficult to handle them promptly, it shall post the reasons and the processing schedule on the service screen or notify the members through e-mail.
  3. ③ The company complies with the laws related to the operation and maintenance of services, such as the Information Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act, the Communications Secrets Protection Act, and the Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 18. Obligations of Members

  1. ① A member shall not perform any of the following acts when using the service:

    • 1. The act of writing false information when applying for or changing use, or stealing and using other members' IDs and passwords illegally;
    • 2. Reproducing or distributing information obtained using the company's service information without prior consent from the company or using it commercially;
    • 3. The act of damaging or penalizing others.
    • 4. The act of posting obscene materials on bulletin boards, etc. or connecting (link) pornographic sites;
    • 5. Violating copyrights of the company, copyrights of third parties, and other rights;
    • 6. Dissemination of information, sentences, shapes, voices, etc. in violation of public order and customs to others;
    • 7. Registration or dissemination of computer virus infection data that causes the destruction and confusion of malfunctions or information related to the service;
    • 8. The act of transmitting advertising information against the receiver's express intention to refuse receiving information and information that may deliberately interfere with the operation of the service or interfere with the stable operation of the service;
    • 9. The act of pretending to be someone else and the act of falsely stating the relationship with others
    • 10. The act of collecting, storing, and disclosing personal information of other members.
    • 11. The act of circulating false information for the purpose of inflicting property benefits on oneself or others or harming others;
    • 12. The act of gambling or gambling at the risk of wealth.
    • 13. The act of arranging prostitution or distributing information that mediates sexual acts;
    • 14. An act that causes shame, disgust, or fear, or an act that interferes with the other's daily life by continuously reaching the other person by sound, writing, video, or video.
    • 15. Changing the information posted on the service
    • 16. The act of transmitting or posting information (including computer programs) that is prohibited by relevant laws or regulations.
    • 17. The act of posting or sending mail under the guise or impersonation of an employee or operator of the company, or by stealing the name of another person.
    • 18. Posting or e-mailing materials containing software viruses and other computer codes, files and programs designed to disrupt and destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware and telecommunications equipment.
    • 19. The act of harassing other members, such as stalking.
    • 20. The act of reproducing information obtained through the service for purposes other than using service without the prior consent of the company, using it for publication, broadcasting, or providing it to a third party
    • 21. Use of computer programs, devices, or devices not provided or approved by the company to incapacitate the technical protection measures of the service or obstruct normal operation.
    • 22. The act of acquiring abnormal records, scores, game money, items, etc. by avoiding or bypassing the normal order, balance, and rules of the service by abusing the bus within the service or using programs that have not been approved in advance
    • 23. The act of conducting commercial activities using the service without prior approval from the company
    • 24. Acts that objectively judged to be related to crime
    • 25. Other illegal or inappropriate activities that violate relevant laws
  2. ② The members shall comply with the relevant statutes, the provisions of this Agreement, the instructions for use, the precautions announced on the service, the matters notified by the company, and shall not interfere with the work of the company.
  3. ③ Members shall not engage in business activities selling goods using the service unless officially recognized by the company. In particular, they shall not engage in hacking, profits from advertising, commercial activities through pornographic websites, or illegal distribution of commercial software. The company shall not be responsible for the consequences and losses of business activities and legal actions, such as arrest by the relevant agency, which are caused by such violations, and the members shall be liable for damages to the company in connection with such acts.
  4. ④ When registering for service use, the member shall provide complete information (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") consistent with the current facts.
  5. ⑤ The member shall update the registration information immediately if any changes occur. In the event that the member's provided registration information and updated registration information are incorrect, or if another member commits an act specified in paragraph ① of this Article, the association may restrict or suspend the member's use of the service under Article 24 of this Service Agreement.

Article 19. The Obligation and Responsibility to manage the Members’ ID(Unique Number)

  1. ① When a member uses this service, the company thoroughly manages and protects the data collected using firewalls and security services when it collects as a minimum.

Article 20. Notice for Members

  1. ① The company may use e-mail address registered by the member to notify for member.
  2. ② In the case of notification to an unspecified number of members, the company can substitute individual notification by posting it on service announcements.

Article 21. Protection of User’s Personal Information

The company strives to protect the members' personal information, including member registration information, as provided by the relevant statutes. As for the protection of members' personal information, it is governed by the relevant statutes and the "Privacy Policy" stipulated by the association.

Article 22. Consignment of Personal Information

In principle, the company shall perform its own duties (hereinafter referred to as "work"), such as handling and managing collected personal information (hereinafter referred to as "work"), but if necessary, it may entrust all or part of the work to the institution selected by the company.

Chapter 5. Restrictions on Use

Article 23. Restrictions on Use

  1. ① If a member wishes to cancel the service, the person must apply for termination on the service or by a separate method of use specified by the company.
  2. ② If the member does not fulfill the member's obligations specified in Article 19, the company may immediately terminate the use contract or stop using the service without prior notice.
  3. ③ Members are considered to have agreed to receive general messages or urgent notification messages from other members or the company when signing up for membership. If you do not agree to receive the message, there may be restrictions on the use of the service, so you must immediately apply for termination and withdrawal from the company using a separate method specified by the company.

Article 24. Transfer Prohibited

  1. ① Member cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other contract status to others, and all the rights and responsibilities including the copyright on the posting belong to the posted member.
  2. ② When the company merges or divides to a third party or transfers the service to a third party if the subject of the service is changed, the company notifies the member in advance by the notification method of Article 21. In this case, members who oppose mergers, mergers after divestiture, and transfers of services may terminate the service use contract.

Chapter 6. Compensation for Damages, etc.

Article 25. Compensation for Damages

  1. ① If a member causes damages to the company due to violation of the provisions of this agreement, the member who violates this agreement must compensate all damages to the company.
  2. ② If a member commits an illegal act or violates this T&C in using the service so that the company receives the appeals including claims for damages or lawsuit, the member who committed or violated must absolve the company by member’s responsibility and expenses. If the company is not exempted, the member concerned shall compensate for all damages caused by himself (member).

Article 26. Exemption

  1. ① The company is exempted from the responsibility for providing the service if it cannot provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure.
  2. ② The company is not responsible for the use of the service due to the member's fault.
  3. ③ The company is not responsible for the loss of expected profits by using the service and is not responsible for any damages caused by data obtained through the service. The company is not responsible for the information, data, facts, reliability, and accuracy posted by the member on the site.
  4. ④ The company is not obliged to intervene in disputes between members or between a member and a third party through the service, and is not responsible for repairing damages.
  5. ⑤ The company is exempted from responsibility for service suspension, use disorder, and contract termination due to reasons attributable to members. In particular, in the case of “downloadable applications”, the company is not responsible for data loss caused by reasons such as change of member's device, number change, deletion of application, etc. In addition, the company is not responsible for data loss caused by changing the device or number or deleting the application without signing up for the service provided by the company.
  6. ⑥ In the case of free services among the services provided by the company, the company does not compensate for damages unless the company has intentional or gross negligence.
  7. ⑦ Some of the company's services may be provided through services provided by other companies, and the company is exempted from liability for damages caused by services provided by other companies unless there is intentional or gross negligence of the company.
  8. ⑧ The company does not guarantee to users that the service provided by the company is free of defects or bugs, meets a specific purpose, or does not infringe on the rights of third parties' intellectual property rights.

Article 27. Official Court

  1. ① In the event of a dispute between the company and the members regarding the service use, the company and the members shall sincerely consult to resolve the dispute.
  2. ② If the dispute is not resolved in the consultation referred to in paragraph ① of this article, both parties may file a complaint with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

Addendum (2021.01.20.)

Enforcement date) These terms and conditions of Use will enter into force on 20th Jan, 2021

The copyright of this T&C is in Huvle and will be punished by Korean law for unauthorized copying.

*The above content may vary by service*